7 WORST Workout SINS of 2014

It’s official. Tyler Bramlett has just launched CT-50 and it’s now available to everyone at a STEEP discount for this week only. To kick things off Tyler has written a brand new article titled 7 WORST Workout SINS of 2014 and its a really great article which could shock you!

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We’ve all heard of muscle confusion, HIIT, Bodyweight exercises and other types of workouts, but are they really the best when it comes to body transformation and burning fat? Tyler Bramlett claims they’re not as effective as you think. So here is the direct article from Tyler Bramlett.

The 7 WORST Workout SINS Of 2014 According To CT-50 Author Tyler Bramlett

CT-50Workout Sin #1 ­ Muscle Confusion

Over the last decade, you’ve probably noticed how popular the concept of muscle confusion has become, right?

While there is a possibility that you could get results doing random workouts every day, the chances of you seeing a dramatic change in your body is slim to none.

There’s a simple principal in high level physical therapy and athletic training circles called the S.A.I.D. principal that PROVES muscle confusion doesn’t work as well as the mainstream media wants you to believe.

The S.A.I.D principal basically says, your body only adapts (AKA burns fat and builds lean toned muscle) to the stimulus or exercise you use. And… other fitness experts claim that it can take 2­3 weeks for that adaptation to be achieved.

What this means is, when you constantly do different workouts, this adaptation (AKA body transformation) process never get’s a chance to fully express it self.

It’s kind of like you wanting to walk to the store and instead of taking long brisk steps, you take 3 steps forward and then 2 steps back. It’ll work, but it will take you forever to get there.

Workout Sin #2 ­ High Intensity Interval Training

Practically every new exercise program these days is using some form of High Intensity Interval Training. The reason for this is because of a study you’ve probably heard of called the Tabata study.

This study showed that people who exercised for 4 minutes using 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest were able to get better results then people who exercised for 60 minutes!

While this is true, most people abuse this information (usually for marketing purposes) by neglecting to mention that the group that exercised for only 4 minutes (all who were olympic caliber athletes) were working at 170% of their VO2 Max!

CT-50 Tyler Bramlett

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This means that the interval group was exercising with an intensity level that normal people like you and me will NEVER achieve.

Which then means, that most workout program that use exclusively intervals are misleading you by doing what scientists call, “skewing the data.”

This is not to say intervals are bad. Intervals are a great way to train. However…you must use them with another method of progression, and your workouts need to be shorter not longer!

Which leads into the next sin…

Workout Sin #3 ­ You Need To Exercise More

One of the biggest problems people make when it comes to their workouts is believing that more is always better. This is not true!

In FACT, would you believe me if I told you that you can exercise less than 45 minutes a week and still get amazing results?

CT-50 Tyler Bramlett

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If this sounds too good to be true just check out the video proof on the next page because the truth is that everyone struggles with the desire to workout more 🙁

However… did you know that excess exercise can increase cortisol (AKA the FAT STORING hormone)?

And… did you know that the only way to prevent this cortisol spike from happening is to exercise less? Sometimes as little as just 9­ minutes!

Yes I did just say that you can exercised for as little as 9­minutes and still manage to get better results then people exercising for 45, 60 or even 90 minutes!

Workout Sin #4 ­ Strength Training Is Better Than Cardio
Workout Sin #5 ­ Cardio Is Better Than Strength Training

This may be a little confusing because I’m gonna attack the 2 most popular exercise methods t the same time.

However… stick with me, because it will all make sense soon. Let me ask you a question to prove my point…

You’ve probably noticed that there are 2 types of people who exercise regularly:

PERSON #1 ­ Believes Strength Training Is The Key To Burning Fat, Building Lean Toned Muscle And Transforming Your Body.


PERSON #2 ­ Believes That Cardio Is The Ultimate Key To Losing Fat, Building Lean Toned Muscle And Transforming Your Body.

Now… strength training is great and it’s definitely effective for building muscle. However, I’ve met a few strength athletes that can lift heavy weights, but can’t walk up a flight of stairs without losing their wind.

CT-50 Workout

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You don’t want that, do you?

NO! I didn’t think so 🙂 If you’re anything like me or my clients, you want to develop

a lean body that looks great and performs great!

On the other side, cardio is great for burning fat, if it’s done correctly. Which is why cardio is not the enemy and must be viewed as another piece of the body transformation puzzle.

So… you could go out there and follow a program that does 30 minutes of strength and 30 minutes of cardio. However…

Since I’ve already pointed out that longer workouts can be less effective and can trash your fat loss hormones, the better thing for you to do if you want to see the amazing body transformation results you desire, is to use the newly re­discovered workout technology that I’ll share with you in a sec.

But first, let me tackle the last 2 sins…

Workout Sin #6 ­ You Have To Lift Weights
Workout Sin #7 ­ Bodyweight Training Is Best

CT-50Just like cardio and strength training, you’ve probably noticed that people have been dividing themselves into 2 different camps…

CAMP 1 ­ You Have To Lift Weights To See Results!


CAMP 2 ­ Bodyweight Training Is The Best Way To See Results!

And… just like strength and cardio, both people are WRONG!

The best way to view exercise is to understand the signals that each exercise is sending to your body. We already touched on this “adaptation” above and you should know by now that the signals you send your body during your workouts are what give you the body transformation results you desire, NOT whether it’s bodywight or lifting weights.

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Even worse, when people only lift weights or only do bodyweight exercises, they are KILLING their potential results because each type of exercise sends a different signal to your body and the more LOUD AND CLEAR fat burning, body transforming signals you can send, the faster your results will be!

Now that you know the TRUTH about the 7 Workout Sins you need to AVOID, I also wanted to share with you an ancient story about a bull that changed the way I look at my workouts for good!

Plus, as promised… I’ll show you dozens of real world body transformations from people just like you who used this ancient workout secret to send loud and clear body transformation signals to their bodies all in less than an hour a week!

So… if your at all interested in learning the most powerful workout technique nobody is talking about, that will melt the fat off your body, sculpt lean muscles and completely transform your body in a matter of weeks… then the Next Page will share with you how a story about a bull from 536 BC changed my body and the bodies of thousands of other for good…

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Tyler Bramlett's CT-50

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I had heard this story before, but never really understood why it was so important until now. Enjoy the read!

This is Josh again. I hope you enjoyed that article from CT-50 author Tyler Bramlett. Tyler has always thought outside the box of traditional fitness models and it’s really helped him build a name for himself and his business. It’s good to always remember the foundations, but sometimes you have to push into new ways of thinking.

If you enjoyed the 7 Worst Workout Sins of 2014 you’ll enjoy the story about the bull Tyler mentions above. So don’t forget to check out that article which you can read HERE. I got to run, but keep checking back everyday for even more great content from Tyler Bramlett and all the latest updates and news related to CT-50.

5 Minute FREE Workout From CT-50

I reached out to Tyler Bramlett, the owner of CT-50 and got a pretty cool surprise for all of you today. I asked if he would be willing to let me share a workout video from his brand new system with you guys and he agreed. So in this blog post I’m going to share a 5 minute of sample from one of his 10 minutes workouts.

This CT-50 workout comes directly from level 1 of his system. If you remember in previous blog post I mentioned that CT-50 aka The Cross Training 50 is broken down into 5 different levels. Each levels provides a progressive challenge which keeps the workouts fresh and makes sure your body doesn’t have time to adapt which provides better results.

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As you’ll see in this video, Tyler Bramlett, the creator of CT-50 guides the workout and provides tips to get the most out of each workout. You can do the entire program from home, no equipment is needed. You may see one of the girls in the video with a hand weight, but you could easily subtract that weight for something around the house you can lift which has some weight to it.

Also keep in mind that this workout video is from the level 1 as I mentioned above. So this is one of the easier workouts. They do progress and get more challenging as the system continues. 

If you guys enjoy this please let me know in the comments and I may see if Tyler will let me post some more, but if you enjoy this workout video then you’ll love the rest of the workouts within the actually CT-50 system. Well, I got to run, but remember CT-50 is being released on Nov 17th and will also be on sale for about a period of one week.

In closing, I just wanted to say Tyler and his crew did a great job at making some really professional videos and all of the workouts are just really fun!

CT-50 Sample Workout Directly From Level 1

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CT-50 Frequently Asked Questions

CT-50 is all everyone in the fitness world is talking about right now, but I’ve never been one for all the hype. I rather provide my audience for information that actually matters and can help them make the right decision about Tyler Bramlett’s CT-50 workout system.

So in this blog post I wanted to answer some of the most common questions I’ve received about CT-50. These are some of the most frequently asked questions. I thought by providing them here it could benenfit everyone. Once again, these are the questions I’ve received the most since I started this website. Hopefully the answers will provide you the information you needed to know. So let’s dive into the most frequently asked questions for Tyler Bramlett’s CT-50 workout system.

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CT-50 Frequently Asked Questions PLUS Answers

Question: What does CT-50 actually mean?

Answer: The name is unique, but when I explain what it stands for I think it will make perfect sense for you. CT stands for Cross-Training and the number 50 stands for the number of workouts that are included in the program. The CT-50 program has over 96 different exercises which are combined into 50 workouts which are broken down into 5 different stages. Each stage provides a progressive challenge so you’ll never get bored.

Question: Is CT-50 a physical product or a digital one?

Answer: CT-50 is a completely digital product and isn’t shipped to you in a physical format. The program is completely digital and can be accessed online. You don’t have to wait to purchase it. Once you purchase it you’ll be able to access the course and start to make use of it.

CT-50 is being offered through the well-known online product retailer named Clickbank. This is a trusted retailer and after purchase they will allow you access to the complete workout system.

Question: Is Tyler Bramlett’s CT-50 safe to purchase?

Answer: Yes, CT-50 may be a digital product, but as I mentioned in the last question it’s being sold through Clickbank who has one of the best online refund polcies you’ll ever come across. After you purchase CT-50 you have a full 60 days to give it a try withut any risk to yourself. If you decide, for whatever reason that Tyler Bramlett’s workout system isn’t for you just let them know and you’ll get a complete refund with no questions asked.


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Question: What exactly is included with the CT-50 workout system?

Answer:  When you purchase the CT-50 workout system by Tyler Bramlett you get the following products:

  • The CT-50 Main ManualThis is the core of the program. It will show you everything you need to know so that you can start putting Progressive Movement Technology to work for you.You’ll get 50 unique, fresh workouts broken up into 5 different levels that will transform your body into a better version of yourself. You’ll also learn about eating a proper diet and learn about recovery and why it’s critical to making progress.
  • The CT-50 Quick StartThis is my favorite because it allows you to get started quickly and doesn’t take a lot of time. This is for those of you ready to jump right into the program. This CT-50 Quick Start guide will allow you to get started in 5 minutes or less.You’ll discover how much you should workout within a week, the best workouts to start using, diet tips and more.
  • The CT-50 Score SheetsThis is a pretty cool addition to the course. These contain the score sheets for the 50 different workouts featured in CT-50. You just print these out and they will provide you a path from the first level all the way to level 5, the final level. You’ll be able to watch your body transform into one you’ll love looking at.
  • The CT-50 Wall ChartsThis may not seem that useful, but if you’re serious about getting into great shape wall charts are great resources and tools. You basically print these out and they help to keep you on track. Reminding you of your next workout and help you stay on the path from level 1 all the way up to level 5
  • The CT-50 Exercise ManualThis CT-50 manual contains complete breakdowns of all the different exercises along with pictures and more 96 different exercises in total are featured. You’ll get useful tips to help you stay in perfect firm and each movement pattern is broken into 5 different levels.


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  • The CT-50 Bonus Follow-Along Wokrouts -These may be bonuses to the main CT-50 Workout system, but in my opinion this one bonus is worth the entire price of the course. It contains all of the 50 workouts in a easy and fun follow along manner.So you’ll get to follow along as Tyler and his team perform all 50 of the workouts. You just press play, follow along and you’ll start burning fat and building toned muscles by sending your body loud and clear signals.
  • The CT-50 Bonus Exercise Instructionals -If you thought that last bonus was pretty good then Tyler is going to do even better with this one. In this CT-50 bonus you’ll get an additional 20 exercise tutorial videos which will breakdown and show you all fo the 96 fat burning, muscle toning exercises featured in Tyler Bramlett’s CT-50 system.You’ll be able to follow along and learn each exercise and perform each one with near perfect movement which will equal faster results. If you think about it, it’s sort of like Tyler is in your home training you in personal.


In addition to all of the items above Tyler is also throwing in a lot more stuff too. Now these bonuses all compliment the main CT-50 workout program and add extra layers. You’ll get great results with just the normal program if you put the effort into it, but when you add these bonuses on top you’re basically supercharging the results.

So here are 4 additional CT-50 Bonuses:

CT-50 Supplement Guide

Don’t get worried and think you need to buy extra supplements or even use supplements with this workout system because you don’t. Tyler Bramlett included this bonus because a lot of people do take supplements and so for those of you who do take them Tyler has included the top 7 supplements you should take daily to help you get even faster results and boost your health and energy at the same time!

CT-50 Super Smoothies

Smoothies are delicious and really healthy for you when you make them the correct way. Tyler will show you how to make CT-50 approved smoothies that not only taste amazing, but will help you burn fat, reduce your appetite and help you build lean, tone muscles.

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CT-50 Workout Guide

Unlike many fitness programs offered online CT-50 is a complete system featuring everything you need, but Tyler understands you may enjoy other exercise programs and that’s fine. So he made this guide to show you how to incoporate CT-50 style workouts within your other popular exercise programs.

CT-50 Pullup Bar

This is a pretty cool guide. It shows you how to do workouts that require a pull-up bar without needing one! This really comes in handle and gives you no excuses not to use the program since everything can be done from home. No equipment needed!


Question: Will I be able to burn fat and build lean, tone muscles with CT-50

Answer: First off, no workout or fitness program will ever be able to get you into amazing shape or help you burn fat or develop lean, tone muscle because at the end of the day these programs are just guides. YOU have to put the effort into using the information and knowledge within these programs to make the change.

So at the end of the day YOU are the one who will burn fat, build lean, tone muscle and get into the best shape you’ve been in years because you took action, applied the information and put it to work for you. So if you’re motivated and ready to get a healthier, leaner, slimmer body then you will! Tyler Bramlett’s CT-50 will provide you the tools…you just have to use them.

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These are all the questions I have at the moment, but I’ll update this blog post with more questions as I receive them. I got to run, but I hope these questions and answers regarding CT-50 answered something that was on your mind. My full review of the course will be coming in the next day or so and when it does arrive I’ll make sure to let you know.

In the meantime, please bookmark this website and check back often for more news and updates related to Tyler Bramlett’s CT-50 workout system.